Bringing Pasta

Taking to the streets to return a vilified carb staple to its place in the sun and, in the kitchen.


In 2014, pasta sales in the United States had declined by a whopping 4%. Recent culinary cultural trends, including a gluten-free push and low-carb dieting, had reduced or eliminated pasta as a meal option. But one Canadian food brand, Gabriella’s Kitchen, had a perfect solution to the anti-pasta problem.

Skinny Pasta is a line of products that provided everything you love about pasta (taste and texture) minus what you don’t (carbs, calories, gluten, genetically modified ingredients) along with thoughtful additions only Gabriella’s Kitchen provides (high protein, low glycemic index). To succeed in the face of cultural pressures, though, would take more than a great product.

What we did to help

We set about building a launch plan to bring the product to the United States and targeted Los Angeles, Calif., to create a new food movement to return to pasta. We discovered in focus groups that many had abandoned pasta due to nutritional concerns but still longed for the emotional connection of pasta as a large, shareable family meal. With that in mind, we introduced the campaign with a rallying cry to “Love Pasta Again.”

Touting the health benefits that would allow customers to enjoy pasta, guilt-free, we hit the streets of Los Angeles with a wrapped food truck to bring the pasta to the people in April 2015. Traditional and guerilla OOH advertising efforts—including 16 billboards, poster ads in salons and gyms, and even 7 pasta sculptures throughout Los Angeles—brought the message to the masses. As the message swept the city, we filmed a short viral video about taking pasta back to those that had abandoned it (think bridal salons and yoga studios)—to prove that pasta could taste great while having thoughtful nutrition.

Work we did

  • Public Relations
  • Digital
  • Experiential
  • Social
  • Creative
  • Research
  • Media
  • Advertising
Screenshot of twitter showcasing a glance at the social media campaign.
GK SkinnyPasta Billboard Side-by-side

What happened next

“Loving Pasta Again” was a hit and immediately resonated with its audience. Citywide taste tests helped secure Skinny Pasta’s first grocer partner, and growth is on the horizon with 15 additional locations lined up to launch in May 2015. Widespread consumer support suggests more big things are around the corner.