A big voice for
little mouths.

Putting social media to work to generate massive impressions for a health-forward baby food.


One in five U.S. children are malnourished and affected by food insecurity—an insufficient level of access to safe and nutritious food. As a leader in the organic baby and toddler food category, Plum Organics was uniquely positioned to address the issue of food insecurity and also wanted to raise awareness of an issue not well-known in the United States.

As a values-driven company, Plum was committed to producing organic baby foods in the pursuit of the growth and development of healthy babies nationwide. But in the ever-competitive sea of organic foods, the brand needed a way to both stay afloat and stand out among its peers.

What we did to help

We knew the public would take up the Plum Organics cause if only they could see their message. We started by creating a social impact program, for the brand—The Full Effect.

It was a centralized messaged dedicated to the idea of nourishing food-insecure babies and toddlers across the United States. Our campaign included a thought leadership platform that leveraged Plum’s CEO and resident pediatrician to raise awareness for the issue and invited influencers and Americans alike to get involved through a “lend your social status” campaign.

Work we did

  • Public Relations
  • Social
  • Creative
  • Research
Plum Organics Packages - Orange and Blue

What happened next

The campaign has garnered more than 390 million media impressions and 100 million social media impressions to date, including feature placements with the Associated Press, Parents Magazine and The Huffington Post, among many others. With help of non-profit partners, Plum donated 500,000 nutritious meals to children in need in 2013.