Talking about the world’s first Apple™ integrated hearing aid meant listening first.


Headquartered in Denmark, ReSound is one of the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers. In 2013, the brand prepared to launch an innovative hearing aid—LiNX, the first of its kind in a competitive market starved for change. In addition to delivering ReSound’s celebrated sound quality, the new product would be industry’s first hearing aid designed to integrate seamlessly with Apple™ products, allowing patients to stream audio from their iPhone,® iPad® or iPod touch.®

In marketing what was essentially an entirely new hearing experience, the pressure was on for LiNX to be the first to market. Competitors were hot on the trail developing similar products, and special effort was needed to educate and inspire both hearing professionals and their patients to truly make the new product launch a success.

What we did to help

We started by mining our target demographic for insights and soon recognized three barriers inherent to selling hearing aids to seniors: vanity, cost, and a perceived lack of performance. Our approach needed to demonstrate the near-invisibility of the technology, showcase the benefit of the new hearing aids to justify the cost, and bring to life the amazing hearing experience that ReSound delivers.

To ensure that we delivered on these goals, we tested creative and messaging during an array of one-on-one interviews and patient trials across the country. Our research showed that what resonated most with audiences were the Apple™ brand and real-life demonstrations of the technology. While in execution our messages were targeted and varying, they revolved around a central insight: Hearing is Believing.

We incorporated this tech-focused positioning into a fully integrated three-phase national product launch. Starting with a debut of LiNX technology at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Then, regional “fly-in” meetings with hearing professionals educated these essential promoters and pre-sold the product. Finally, the consumer campaign put newspaper, direct mail, digital and point-of-sale tactics to work helping hearing professionals maximize sales in their offices.

Work we did

  • Public Relations
  • Digital
  • Experiential
  • Creative
  • Research
  • Media
  • Advertising
LiNX and iPad Packaging Design
ReSound NPPR Poster 2
The LiNX app for the iPad and the LiNX device.
ReSound NPPR Poster 1
Screenshot of ReSound LiNX Landing Page

What happened next

The campaign has been as buzz-worthy as it’s been effective. The national unveiling piqued enough interest to see the technology featured in Wired, The New York Times and even Late Show with Jimmy Fallon. YouTube views of the CES debut video topped 10,000, while visits to the website exceeded 25,000 just a few weeks after launch.

The campaign’s impact was reflected in B2B metrics, with more than 600 individual enrollments for commercial classes, more than 3,500 independent sales leads and registration for events in more than 150 different local markets—all since the campaign’s debut. The media hype has translated into hard numbers as well. The first two weeks of the campaign witnessed more than 7,200 units sold, breaking both national and global records for devices of its kind.